Genovia on Tour: The Tales of Granada


Chapter one: Arrival in Galera

Two Spanish, two Scots, four bassoons and a cave

August 21st 2018



After a very long bus journey we finally arrived in Galera around 8pm. We had been catching up during the entire trip and felt incredibly excited to be reunited in Spain. Ana's family were waiting for us at a wee bus station and  kindly offered to help carrying our luggage. Once we had packed our suitcases in the cars (and of course, our bassoons)  we headed directly to the place that would be our home for the next three days. The views from the vehicle were outstanding. Galera's landscape was just like we imagined: despite the dryness of the mountains, there was a lot of fauna and flora surrounding the area: tall palm trees, colourful flowers, stoned fountains, and of course, every single house and building was painted in white. It was simply beautiful. Finally, after a very quick and bumpy ride we arrived at our destination. Once we got out of the car we could not believe our eyes. Ana's relatives were giggling and smiling, contemplating our reaction. And that's when Ana's  father went ahead and announced: 'Okay girls, this is your cave'. 


Casa - cuevas (house - caves) are very traditional in the region of Granada and considered a popular attraction amongst tourist. The temperature inside is nice and cool, which is very inviting in the summer holidays (specially if you are going to rehearse inside with your bassoon quartet!) Some of our favourite 'cueva moments' include: eating breakfast outdoors, post rehearsal siesta time, preparing coffee with a Bialetti and watching the stars in the cool evenings! Apart from experiencing a wee encounter with a little arachnid neighbour (R.I.P. Bilbo the spider) we had a peaceful and very fun stay at our cueva! We are really grateful to the people of Galera who made this possible (muchas gracias, Miguel Angel) and we are really looking forward to coming back in the future <3 


Victoria Lopez