Our Music...

We at Genovia Quartet are passionate about a vast range of musical styles, and we strive to ensure that every performance we give is an exciting and varied musical adventure for our audiences.

Below you can find some examples of our current repertoire. We are constantly developing new pieces and rapidly expanding this list...we just can't help ourselves! Whether you love Mozart, The Beatles or you even fancy a touch of jazz on the contrabassoon, we will work with you to tailor the perfect programme for your event.

You will notice we have an abundance of works by Raymond Scott - this is part of an ongoing project of ours to play as much of his music as possible, we simply love his style and it suits bassoons so perfectly! Check out our Listen page to hear some of our favourites.

If you have a favourite piece or song you would love to hear at your event we will happily create a unique Genovia Quartet arrangement, especially for you!

Repertoire List

* = original arrangement by Gillian Horn
± = features contrabassoon



Bach  Air on a G String ±
Berlioz  March to the Scaffold (from Symphonie Fantastique) ±
Bernstein  Overture to Candide *
Corrette  Concerto 'Le Phenix'
Debussy  Golliwog's Cakewalk ±
de Falla  Miller's Dance (from El Sombrero de Tres Picos) *
de Giacometti  Pato, Pato! - original work written for Genovia Quartet
Dvorak  Menuetto (from Serenade for Strings in E minor) *
Grieg Selections from ‘Peer Gynt’ *±
Khachaturian  Lullaby from 'Gayane' *
Mozart  Overture to Die Zauberflöte *
Mozart  Menuetto (from Serenade no. 12 'Gran Partita') *±
Prokofiev  Gavotte (from Classical Symphony) *
Prokofiev  Humoristisches Scherzo
Rossini  Largo al Factotum
Sibelius  Ballade (from Karelia Suite) *
Verdi  Prelude/Love Theme (from 'La Traviata)

Folk, Traditional & Dance Styles

Bartok Romanian Folk Dances *
Georgian Folk Music Selections *
Maxwell Davies Farewell to Stromness
Patrichalla  Mexican Hat Dance
Penella  El Gato Montes
Piazzolla  Libertango
Piazzolla  Tango Suite (originally for two guitars)
Rodriguez  La Cumparsita
Offenbach  Can Can

Jazz, Swing & Comedy

Anderson  Bassoonists' Holiday ±
Herbie Hancock  Watermelon Man
Mancini  Baby Elephant Walk
Mancini  Pink Panther Theme
Ridout  Pigs
Raymond Scott  A Little Bit of Rigoletto *
R. Scott  Bird Life in the Bronx *
R. Scott  Boy Scout in Switzerland *
R. Scott  Huckleberry Duck *
R. Scott  In an 18th Century Drawing Room *
R. Scott  Moment Musical *
R. Scott  New Year's Eve in a Haunted House *
R. Scott  Suicide Cliff *
W. Raymond Walker  The Funny Bunny Hug

Film, TV & Pop

Beach Boys  Ol' Man River *
Beatles  Various
Horowitz  Rumpole of the Bailey Theme
Shostakovich  Tea for Two (Tahiti Trot)
Simon & Garfunkel  Scarborough Fair
Theodorakakis  Zorba the Greek
Williams  Selections from 'Star Wars' ±